Kolohala Ventures Track Record

Private Equity Track Record

Prior to starting Kolohala Ventures, Michael Pfeffer managed a significant venture portfolio as the President of Persis Corporation. Michael was also a founding member of Pinpoint Venture Group, a small angel group operating in San Francisco and Seattle. Rob Robinson founded Hawaii Angels, Hawaii’s pre-eminent angel network, in 2002 and consulted for many high tech and life science start-ups when he was teaching at Harvard.  

Portfolio companies that have achieved successful exits through acquisition or IPO include:

All Recipes

Allrecipes.com – Acquired by Readers Digest in 2006 for approx. $66 million, returning over 100 times the amount invested within ten years.

Napo Pharmaceuticals


Initial public offering in 2006 (LSE: NAPL) doubled the amount invested within two years.

Hoku Scientific

Hoku Scientific – Initial public offering in 2005 (NASDAQ: HOKU) returned 15 times the money invested within four years.


Terabeam, acquired by YDI Wireless in 2004.

Mercury Interactive

Performant, acquired by Mercury Interactive in 2003 (www.mercury.com/us), tripling the invested capital within 3 years.


Went public in 2000 (US: IIP – Market Cap. $413 million), returning four times the invested capital within one year.

Film Dot Com

Film.com, purchased by Progressive Networks, which went public as Real Networks (NASDAQ: RNWK – Market Cap. $1.39 billion) in 2000, returning 16 times the invested capital in four years.


Operational Track Record

The partners have all been involved in various stages of start-up companies from inception, to funding, to Board and advisory roles. We have experience in every stage of the start-up life cycle, providing insight into what constitutes a promising deal, and providing direct assistance to entrepreneurs along the way.

Highlights of this experience include:

Board of Directors:

Film Dot Com

Michael Pfeffer, director (1996-1997).

All Recipes

Michael Pfeffer, director (1996-2003).

Clear Fuels

Rob Robinson, director (2006 - 2011).

Hawaii Nanosciences

Michael Pfeffer, director (2007 - 2011).

Hawaii Biotech

Rob Robinson, director (2007 – present).

Pipleline Communications & Tech

Rob Robinson, director (2010 – present).

Hawaii Nanosciences   Michael Pfeffer, director (2010 - present).

Hawaii Nanosciences    Michael Pfeffer, director (2008 - present).

Hawaii Nanosciences    Michael Pfeffer, director (2009 - present).


Applied Molecular Evolution

Rob Robinson consultant - assisted in taking company public in 2001 (NASDAQ: AMEV), acquired in 2003 by Eli Lily (NYSE: LLY) for $240 million.