Tax Incentives

Kolohala Holdings has extensive experience with taking advantage of various tax incentive programs offered from time to time for private investors.  For example, from 2002-2010, Act 221, (later revised to Act 215), resulted in $108 million in investment in the high technology industry in Hawaii in just the first three years. Both Kolohala Venture Fund I and the Heaven Fund took advantage of the Act.  Kolohala has also taken advantage of State and Federal Renewable Energy Credits, New Markets Tax Credits, and the EB-5 Investor Visa program.  Kolohala will continue to find opportunities for high-quality equity investments for the tax-motivated investor.

Additional information on any current incentives can be found at the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation web site. 

Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Going forward, one way in which we will continue to provide investors with tax credits is through the Renewable Energy Tax Credit, on both the Federal and State levels. By finding high-potential projects for our investors, we can help to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on imported oil as well as provide tax credits and other streams of revenue for our investors.