Strategic Relationship

Kolohala’s partners founded and are active participants in Hawaii’s premier angel network. The Hawaii Angels organization (formerly known as UH Angels) is widely recognized in Hawaii as the first stop for entrepreneurs seeking to raise seed and early-stage capital. This seed financing network consists of over 100 paying members on Oahu, Maui, and the island of Hawaii. Many of the members of the Hawaii Angels network are successful business leaders from various industries, and are an extremely valuable resource for mentoring and evaluating the entrepreneurs and their companies.

To illustrate the competence of this organization, Hawaii Angels has reviewed over 2000 business plans since its formation in 2002. 200 of those companies have made presentations at monthly meetings. 41 of those presenters received funding. 4 of those companies have successfully achieved liquidity, and the remaining 34 are still in operation. Only five years into a ten-year track record, Hawaii Angels has already returned 100% of invested capital and has had zero failures.

As a result of this stringent process, Hawaii Angels has one of the best track records among Angel networks nationwide.

See Hawaii Angels for more information.