Kolohala Venture Fund I (Now closed to new investment)

Kolohala Venture Fund I (KVF I) invested in Qualified High Technology Businesses (QHTBs) in Hawaii to leverage

Act 215 tax advantages described earlier. This fund provides institutional investors and high net worth individuals with access

to intensive due diligence processes and quality early stage deals.

·       Deal flow: Kolohala is Hawaii’s premier venture fund and has access to virtually all major venture opportunities in


·       Due Diligence: Dual processes provided by both the Kolohala team and Hawaii Angels.

·       Act 215: Up to 200% tax credits or 25% additional equity acquired at no additional cost to the investor.

·       Diversification: Invested in several market sectors in Hawaii. Also provides investors with year-round investing,

        appropriate sector allocation, and early and follow-on funding opportunities.